Your air conditioner is a sophisticated mechanical system, and like any mechanical system, it requires routine maintenance to keep it performing at peak efficiency.

A system tune up and inspection not only ensures your air conditioning system is performing at peak efficiency; it also ensures against an unexpected system failure when your system is put to the ultimate test when temperatures reach the triple digits this summer.


Metro Energy Savers offers the most comprehensive air conditioning tune up and inspection the business. Our service includes 16 distinct areas of your air conditioning system, including the following:

  1. Inspect blower and components to ensure the air flow from the blower fan is operating efficiently.
  2. Check for proper refrigerant level to maximize system effectiveness.
  3. Examine voltage and amperage to make sure your air conditioning system’s switches and relays are operating properly.
  4. Check to make sure all system components are maintaining a good operating temperature.
  5. Lubricate all moving parts.
  6. Calibrate the thermostat to ensure it is cycling correctly for the settings you have selected.
  7. Inspect refrigerant lines for Freon leaks.
  8. Check all electrical connections.
  9. Examine safety controls for defects. This ensures the various safety devices on your air conditioning system are working properly.
  10. Check to make sure the main drain line for the evaporator condensation is clear and flowing properly.
  11. Check auxiliary drain pan. The auxiliary drain pan is designed to contain the overflow if your main evaporator drain line becomes clogged and overflows in the attic.
  12. Check drain pump for proper operation.
  13. Examine the compressor fan and blower motor to make sure they are starting properly and without undue stress.
  14. Check for obstructions or damage to the outside condensing coil.
  15. Inspect breakers and fuses for signs of abnormal wear or excessive current usage damage.
  16. Check all filters.


You don’t have to deal with uncomfortable humidity levels any longer. Call Metro Energy Savers today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll work together with you to solve this problem once and for all.

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