How To Prepare Your A/C For Summer 2018 in Texas

Getting ready for the summer in Texas

Texas is well known for its weather conditions during the summer. The hot days during this season are survived rather than endured. Texas has the highest ever temperature recorded in the history of the United States of America. It is therefore not hard to imagine how high the temperatures can get at any given time in the state of Texas. The highest temperature that was recorded in Texas was 86.8 F. Residents in Texas should therefore always prepare their air conditioning to ensure that they do not suffer when it comes to the summertime.

Repair or cleaning of the filters

Air conditioner repair should be a must-do whenever the summer is around the corner because without this the heat becomes quite unbearable. The first step that should be taken is the cleaning or replacement of filters of the conditioner. The air-handler filters should be cleaned twice a year. However, the cleaning should not be limited to twice a year, but each and every time that filters begin to seem like they are clogged with dust. The main purpose of cleaning these filters regularly is to ensure that airflow is never restricted so that dust re-circulation cannot occur in your home.

Cleaning of the condenser coils

The second and one of the most important steps that should be taken in the air conditioner repair is the cleaning of the condenser coils. The condenser unit is usually outside and looks like a fan that is enclosed in a metal box with grilles. The condenser is protected using a cover that prevents debris from accumulating on the inside. If there is an accumulation of debris in the condenser, then it is possible that some of the coils could get clogged and this would reduce the efficiency of the condenser. The coils should be cleaned at the beginning of the summer to ensure that they are not clogged. The coils are removed by unscrewing the grilles or the top panels from the condenser. Care should be taken to ensure that none of the wires get damaged as the top is being pulled off from the condenser. Then using a soft brush, the coils should be cleaned from outside the unit making sure that none of the coils get damaged. After the outside of the coils is cleaned, then the inside of the coils should be vacuumed to ensure that it is very clean. In some cases, the use of a hose should be implemented to remove stubborn debris from the unit making sure that none of the electrical components are sprayed with water.

Cleaning of debris

The debris that is removed from the condenser should be cleaned and cleared. If the condenser has a drain, then it should be cleared. The blades of the fan should then be cleaned using a rag or a vacuum cleaner. After that the fan motor should be oiled and then the mounting bolts tightened.

Checking of the coolant tubes

Refrigerant tubes running from the evaporator to the condenser should be checked to ensure that the foam coolant insulation is in perfect condition to prevent energy loss.


Finally, the last step of the air conditioner repair is the testing. The Air conditioning unit should be allowed to dry completely and then switched on to ensure that it is working.