Furnace Repair Fort Worth: Tips on Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor (the First Time)

Do you need furnace repair in Fort Worth, or think you might?

It’s not easy to hire a contractor to work on your home. It’s anxiety-inducing because you know you’ll be spending money, but there are things you don’t know:

  • What will it cost?
  • Will it get done right the first time?
  • Is this HVAC contractor trustworthy?

Without inside knowledge or a strong plan of attack, it’s hard to find answers for these and other pressing questions. So whether you’re planning to have your ducts cleaned, need your heat pump tuned up, or are shopping around for a complete system, you need advice.

That’s where this article comes in.

HVAC contractors in Fort Worth aren’t uncommon. Like any other urban center, you’ve got options. Sifting through them like you’re panning for gold is how you get the right ones to work for you.

And it matters!

If your furnace repair isn’t done properly, you could be at risk:

  • Cold weather comes to us all, and even though Fort Worth rarely drops below freezing, it gets plenty cold enough to be hazardous to your health – and your family’s.
  • Combustible fuels present a clear danger, including house fires and even explosions.
  • Fire risks come in other forms as well. Even electric furnaces and heat pumps can overheat or have wiring issues that lead to a fire.
  • Dirt plagues any system that isn’t well cared-for.

In this article, we’re going to touch on a few of the more obvious “red flags” that could crop up while you’re browsing Google, Angie’s List, or HomeAdvisor looking for heating and cooling repair and service contractors.

Give it a read, and arm yourself with knowledge.

Furnace Repair Fort Worth: Good Signs and Red Flags

  1. Furnace or Heating Repair Pricing

    Pricing is the bottom line for many customers, but it can also lead them into traps.

Good Sign: The heating repair company offers competitive pricing, specials, and multiple payment options. They offer a free estimate, but won’t commit to an over-the-phone price because they don’t want to mislead you.

Red Flag: They advertise insanely low prices, what might be termed “too good to be true.” Typically, this leads to a bait and switch, where a contractor snares you with a low bid and then hits you with surprise “extra” charges after the contract is signed.

  1. Reputation is a key factor in the success of an HVAC repair business. Much of our work comes from referrals and repeat business with past customers.

Good Sign: The furnace repair contractor you’re considering has a wealth of testimonials and reviews available online – bonus points if they come from multiple sources. Their website is badged with Better Business Bureau, NACE, and industry certifications and badges, and they don’t hesitate if you ask to see the documentation.

Red Flag: The only available reviews are on their website, or they have problematic reviews elsewhere. They don’t display badges or certifications or are circumspect if you inquire about their licensing and insurance proof. (Hint: You Definitely Should.)

  1. Paperwork. This ties into reputation but deserves to be discussed on its own. Each state has varying laws governing contractors, but Texas doesn’t play games with your safety. They require every contractor to have a license, and to register with the state – and carry liability insurance.

Good Sign: They do all of this, without question, and are ready and willing to prove it. Their insurance covers not only them but also any incidental damage that might occur on the job. Accidents can happen, but a good contractor makes sure his customers don’t suffer if they do.

Red Flag: The contractor doesn’t have the required 48 months of experience and can’t prove they’re licensed by the Lone Star State. You should also be concerned if the contractor doesn’t carry up-to-date insurance, or if their insurance doesn’t cover liability in case of damage to your home.

  1. Experience. Not only do they have to have enough of it, but it’s also possible to encounter contractors who allow their experience to hamstring them.

Good Sign: The contractor or company has several years and many clients below their belt. They’re educated, up to speed on the latest HVAC innovations, and ready to repair your furnace quickly and on budget.

Red Flag: There are two major red flags to watch for. The first is obvious: don’t hire an HVAC contractor for a tricky job if they’ve never done it before. Most technicians work with a more experienced person when they’re starting out, and should know better than to take on more than they can handle.

On the other hand, you should also be wary of contractors who have lots of years on the job but aren’t adapting to the times. A lot of contractors say things like “I’ve been doing it like this for twenty years, trust me,” when, in reality, that’s a bad thing. HVAC technology twenty years ago is practically a FOSSIL by today’s standards.

Get a contractor who has years and curiosity going for them.

  1. Guarantees. Every good contractor should have a policy to reduce or eliminate your risk. Call it anything – a risk-free, worry-free, money-back, 100% guarantee should be standard on every job.

Good Sign: The contractor offers this, in plain words, on their website, and backs it up in their work agreement. They promise to fix your furnace (heat pump, air conditioner, etc.) completely, and that if errors are made or the repair doesn’t hold up, they will fix it for free.

Red Flag: The contractor is cagey about their guarantee, or their agreement contains confusing fine print they can’t or won’t explain. (Watch for stock phrases like “it’s standard,” or “it never happens, don’t worry.”)

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