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Furnaces are extremely common heating equipment found throughout North Texas. They are highly-regarded for their efficiency, safety, and convenience, giving you effective heat through a wide variety of different weather conditions. They are also lauded as one of the lower-maintenance forms of heating, requiring very little upkeep in order to continue to run reliably year after year. However, they are prone to their fair share of problems, and the team at Metro Energy Savers knows how to solve them. We offer a full collection of furnace services you can count on, including furnace installation and replacement, furnace repairs, and more.


A furnace is essentially the latest evolution in the idea of using fire to keep your home warm and comfortable. A typical furnace burns a form of fuel to create heat, which is then passed around your home using a blower fan and your duct system. Electric furnaces don’t actually burn fuel, but rather run electrical current through a resistor to generate heat. That heat is then transferred into the air and distributed through the same forced-air method.

Today, gas-powered furnaces are by far the standard here in North Texas. However, a number of homes that run on electric power only are forced to use electric-powered furnaces for heat. Whatever type of furnace you have, Metro Energy Savers is the name to call for a complete range of services. We fix all makes and models, and we install new furnaces from some of the finest names in the industry. We’ll help you choose the right furnace solution for your needs and keep your home warm at all times.


Much like any other piece of HVAC equipment, no furnace will last forever. An average furnace will give you 20 to 25 years of service before replacement will start becoming an urgent necessity, and when that time comes you should start to strongly consider replacement soon. If your furnace needs to be replaced, Metro Energy Savers is the name to turn to for speed and quality. Every member of our team has undergone extensive training and licensing to ensure they are the finest in their trade, and each treats your property the same way we would treat our own.

Here are a few solid reasons you should replace your furnace:

  • Superior efficiency: Older gas furnace without electronic ignition can be as low as 65% efficient, while today’s furnaces are at least 80% efficient or more.
  • Lower utility bills: Old gas furnaces with no vent dampers or induced draft fans are far less effective at heating your home, and that means longer cycles, more energy burned, and far higher cost of operation.
  • Reduced maintenance: A newer furnace requires far less maintenance. Less maintenance means better peace of mind, fewer breakdowns, and more reliable heat through even the coldest nights of the year.
  • Better longevity: A new furnace will provide you with many years of reliable heat. You won’t have to worry about replacing your heater again for quite some time!


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