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It might shock you to learn just what you might find floating through the air in your home. Dust, pollen, gasses, VOCs, and plenty of other issues are common in homes across the country, and they’re more likely than you think. In fact, while the average person thinks their indoor air is generally clean and healthy, the truth is that the average indoor air is up to ten times worse than the air outside. Some of these pollutants are brought in from foot traffic, while others find their way in through pets or on our clothing. Still others proliferate from chemicals we use like traditional house cleaners.

The solution to your indoor air problems is simpler than you might think: a whole-home air purification system that works in conjunction with your already-existing HVAC system. Here at Metro Energy Savers, we are proud to offer some of the latest and greatest in air purification technology from some of the leading names in the industry. Our technicians know this equipment inside and out, and can install it in virtually any already-existing heating and cooling equipment. We also offer maintenance, repair, and upkeep services to ensure that your investment in your air quality continues to work efficiently and effectively all year long.


Air purifiers are some pretty radical new technology that uses state of the art science to clean your air far more effectively than any old air filter could ever hope to. Air filters often don’t have the ability to eliminate smaller particles like bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and odor particles, but modern air purifier systems can do just that. In fact, some of these systems eliminate well over 98 percent of all airborne contaminants, leaving your air cleaner than you may have ever thought possible.

A few of the big benefits of these systems include:

  • Low operating cost: these systems use modern technology to keep energy and operating costs to a minimum, meaning very little impact to your monthly expenses while greatly increasing quality of life.
  • Very little maintenance: In many cases, the only maintenance that these systems need is a light bulb replacement approximately every two years or so. The entire job takes just a few minutes to complete and the system is good to go for another two years.
  • No moving parts: With zero moving parts, these systems almost never break or stop working. You’ll enjoy cleaner air with almost zero interruptions.

Air purifiers use a combination of technologies to eliminate all types of airborne contaminants. This includes microbes, or microscopic biological organisms, which can cause a lot of health problems. In fact, airborne virus transmission is a very real and serious problem in homes, and it’s what causes so many members of families to all get sick at roughly the same time. However, with an indoor air purifier system, these particles are quickly and effectively removed from the air and neutralized, preventing them from causing any further harm.

Particles that these systems eliminate include:

  • Odor particles (including smoke and pet odors)
  • Mold and mildew
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Allergens


With a cold plasma ionizer, you’ll be able to effectively clean your home’s air without the use of harmful byproducts like ozone. These systems use physics to clean air: by generating a needlepoint ionization field filled with both positive and negative electrons, the system attracts contaminants that then bond with the electrons, causing them to break apart into harmless components like water vapor. In the same way, the electrons will strip viruses and bacteria of hydrogen, killing them or rendering them inert.


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